No investment in e-Learning platform Training-Online.euNO INITIAL INVESTMENT

there is no initial investment required to get YOUR e-Learning Management System, no need to buy hardware or software licensing

Your own LMS systemYOUR LMS

Your e-Learning platform will be created with the unique name of your choice eg, allowing your users access to "Your personal company system"

No monthly fees in e-Learning platform NO MONTHLY FEES

no need to pay monthly fixed fees when using Your e-Learning platform

Full privacy and security in e-Learning platform FULL PRIVACY AND SECURITY

all data is fully secure, only authorized users have access to the e-Learning Management System

Cloud based LMS system Training-Online.euCLOUD BASED LMS

using cloud allows you to access by all internet browsers and digital devices regardless of where they are

e-Learning platform offers more common languagesLANGUAGES

do you need to use more languages? Each user may choose his own language in your e-Learning software

Tutorials and Forum in e-Learning platform Training-Online.euTUTORIALS AND FORUM

our e-Learning platform is supported by video tutorials and forum support

Sample courses in e-Learning platform Training-Online.euE-LEARNING COURSES SAMPLES

you will have access to several example of courses for to help you design a course that souits your needs


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Inputing new users and e-Learning content is easy

  • Are your users in an MS Excel file? Import the file and each of them receive all access details to Your e-Learning platform through an email notification, that’s it!
  • All e-learning content is created by yourself in the internal LMS course editor.
  • eLearning content is easily uploaded in pdf or video format. All standard formats like Word and Powerpoint, mare easily converted to pdf.
  • allows for the upload of SCORM 1.2 created course packages.
  • If you need we are more than happy to cooperate on e-Learning content creation with you.

What e-Learning content works the best for you?


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Assign e-Learning courses to your users’s the best way to educate and improve their knowledge.

Quick, easy and FREE Online Training

  • Once the course is ready, assign the content to selected users easily either by selecting their name or group.
  • The Free LMS platform automatically sends an email describing all course information such as teacher info, course name, due dates, … to appropriate users.
  • The users may start his online training. It´s that simple and fast.

Creating e-mail prompts and notifications is a great tool

  • You can send e-mail alerts to your users to remind them of due dates, requirements and new content.
  • This ensures a higher course completion rate and gives the teacher of the course a powerful tool to monitor the students.
  • You may create all the messages content suitable to your purpose.

We give you 30USD of FREE credit to see if this LMS platform for Online education works for you.


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Improve users results with your customized platform for Online Learning’s graphic user interface is so simple and your ability to customize your pages allow you to create an e-Learning platform that is unique and meets all your needs. The simplicity of your e-Learning software also allows your users to use the platform immediately which enhances their training experience and makes it more likely for them to return for another course.

  • Set an unique subdomain name (
  • Add your company logo and slogan
  • Additional languages are available

User friendly FREE LMS platform

  • Icon graphic user interface
  • Easy administration
  • The Settings module gives you full control over all course content and how it is used
  • Forum and Video tutorials are available for user support and a quick orientation to the e-Learning Management System

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