Special Christmas bonus 20 USD FREE

Special Christmas bonus - 20 USD FREE credit

Get 20 USD* FREE credit for your e-Learning platform to year 2016 now!!

The only thing you have to do is just to login to your e-Learning platform as an admin till end of December 2015. On the 1st of January you will find your 20 USD on your account.

This offer is also valid for all new platforms registrations done by the end of December 2015 (new registration = 30 USD Free startup credit + 20 USD Christmas bonus).

Don´t miss this special offer and get more from online education!

In case you don’t remember the login information there is a password reminder in your platform login page. The address is yourdomainname.training-online.eu. Use the "I don't know my password" function, fill your email and your login information will arrive to your mailbox.

*If you´re using your account in EUR you get 20 EUR FREE credit.

In cases you need some other help, please contact us on support@training-online.eu.