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eLearning tools for better results

Training-Online.eu integrates several eLearning tools together, which make individual phases of employee´s life process remarkably easier, which, in relation with it, cuts down the costs spent on training and it brings the competitive advantage.

Available online learning tools:

  • Training materials - training material through:
    • pdf documents
    • presentations with static or dynamic content
    • own texts
    • videos available from Youtube or mp4 uploaded to the system storage
    • SCORM learning packages
  • Tests - testing material made through:
    • internal test editor where more answering scheme available:
      • one correct
      • multiple correct
      • yes/no
      • connect correct
      • text info
      • allows shuffle questions and answers
      • score, time, attempts and other settings
    • SCORM test packages
  • Skill Gaps – tools for student skills analytics
  • Internal Announcements – used for internal policy or announcements distribution
  • Surveys - used for a kind of a questionnaire which can be completed by a target audience over the Internet, where following answering scheme available:
    • scale
    • one correct
  • Virtual Classroom - tool for online interactive classroom

Benefits of eLearning tool Training-Online.eu

  • Easy use for the end user - this eLearning tool is intuitiveness (the use of icon display of the system), which means that the easier the use for the final user with no obstacles in usage, the higher is the value of the obtained educational content. At the same time the cost for time and training are being cut down.
  • Easy user training - the use of video tutorials which are listed according to key chapters of the e-Learning Management System use, can be used both by student as well as by the administrator of the eLearning tool.
  • Reports and audits - reporting features and audit are provided which can be used to track and assess employee´s training progress. This eLearning tool helps to evolve and improve the quality of training by measuring success and performance.
  • Help and forum - in-built help and forum, ie the possibility to choose the Help icon when browsing the system and to display relevant content of control functions of the system.

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