e-Learning platfom - cloud solution

CLOUD solution - providing of Learning Management System

Cloud computing is an Internet-based model of developing and use of computer technologies.It can also be described as providing services or programmes saved on Internet servers which users can access through web browsers and use them wherever they are. Users do not pay for the e-Learning software itself, but for using it.

Contribution of Cloud Solution to the LMS

Model Cloud brings numerous benefits to the user of Learning Management System.

The benefits are:

  • Zero input costs
  • The costs are known in advance and with no sudden increases.
  • Available through the Internet - users can connect to their eLearning software anywhere worldwide.
  • Continuous improvement of LMS software and support are a part of the service.
  • Reduction of follow-up costs and aim at core-business.
  • The customer knows that he/she is not buying "shelfware" - software that will be kept on the shelf.
  • Great elasticity and variability - user can quickly change computational resources according to current needs.
  • Pay As You Go - this approach is based on "you pay as much, as you use".
  • Up-to_date - all software is automatically updated, the user does not need to be engaged in this process, the provider arranges everything. The customer is free to decide to change the provider if the service does not match his/her expectations.

Distribution Model of Training-Online.eu

The expression SaaS often tends to be associated mainly with business software and primarily with acquiring the application which offers the same functions as convential solution at incomparably lower costs - regarding Training-Online.eu, free establishment of the educational portal. When using SaaS solution, there is no need to invest in application software package, which is being written off for several years. The customer simply uses the software functionality distantly as a service. Next, the customer pays the operational costs which can be easily written off. SaaS application is usually charged in the form of user´s fee. Training-Online.eu SaaS is charged for users assigned to the content and extra costs for additional premium services (skins, space on hard drive, etc.).


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