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eLearning is an expression used to define more and more common assimilation of IT into the sphere of education. Online Learning contains for instance different multimedial educational courses on CD-ROM or the Internet, videoconference used to improve education, virtual studies with the use of PC, electronic communication between students and teachers and a lot more different e-Learning tools.

Most remarkable benefits of online Learning

  • savings on time of the tutors
  • savings on renting a room
  • savings on travel expenses paid by a student commuting to the training
  • savings on printed materials and preparation
  • savings on time not used efficiently
  • it also provides the possibility to establish student´s own working pace.

Train your employees with online Training

It may seem that eLearning platform can only be used in terms of distant learning of individual, however, this is not true. Online e-Learning is successfuly used in companies to train their employees. It is worth especially in case your employees are geographically distributed (typically sales representatives).

Reducing costs of new employees with e-Learning online

Online Learning also reduces costs connected with engagement of new employees to the working process (especially beneficial in branches with high fluctuation, very commonly IT companies, ie companies that create optimal environment for online eLearning). Thanks to resons listed above different e-Learning systems have become a part of most bigger intranets and extranets.

Optimizing the boarding process

The contribution of online e-Learning software can be shown in numerous important fields, such as for example improvements made in marketing results through processing and optimization of measurable test of compulsory knowledge (hard skills), especially with employees who are in contact with the customers, which increases profitability up to 30%. By optimizing the boarding process of employees to their working position (controlled boarding - onboarding), up to 40% of costs linked to this process can be saved and, at the same time, the productivity rises from the first day.

Online e-Learning itself brings general savings in education (irrespective of the user or the topic).

Payback of ROI investments with FREE online Learning

This level compares financial benefits with invested costs. Payback ot the investmenst (ROI) measures incomes in comparison with costs leading to these incomes.

This can be expressed by this simple formula:online training

ROI = ((Total income - costs)/costs) * 100

ROI is traditionally used in company accouting where the individual items can be easily set. This is not that easy speaking about e-Learning online.

ROI can be influenced by 2 aspects, which is seen in the formula:

  • cutting down the costs
  • increasing the income.


Costs can be assesed quite easily but it is more complicated with incomes. However this does not mean that ROI cannot be used for e-Learning online.

ROI technologies can demonstrate the advantages of eLearning - savings of costs as well as increasing the incomes.

It is said that ther are 4 main areas where online Learning can reduce costs or increase incomes:

  1. Reducing the costs by means of using LMS. Considerable savings can be achieved in administrative (20-50%) and content production (up to 40%) in comparison with education without the use of LMS.
  2. Reducing the costs by transfering content to e-Learning online. Wide range of studies have shown that in comparison with conventional learning savings can be made on travel costs, costs spent on lectures that tutors repeat, preparation of printed materials, classrooms, etc.
  3. Increasing productivity. Standard measurements of productivity mean stating the costs per employee. Numerous researches indicate that productivity can be increased up to 10% by the use of online Training in case blended-learning is integrated in everyday working activities.
  4. Non-quantifiable advantages. Customer or employee satisfaction, etc. These values are complicated in terms of measurements and therefore ROI analysis can hardly quantify them
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