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How can e-Learning solutions improve a business?

Training-Online.eu presents a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use e-Learning solution provided as a Cloud Service. In this way, companies and individuals can access the online education tools without paying large amounts of money for hardware, maintenance and other traditional education-related expenses, such as the instructor's payments for each training session. This helps them greatly to streamline their business efforts. E.g. only by optimizing the boarding process, they can save up to 40 % on employee training.

Our eLearning solution is provided as an Internet platform SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), which allows companies and individuals to access on-line digital education tools with no need to invest high amounts and pay for maintanance.

Overall, the education-related savings generated by using Traning-Online.eu's e-Learning solutions reach up to 40 %.

Smart e-Learning solutions help your employees

Training-Online.eu's eLearning solutions are designed to take into account the specific needs of each employee and to support them during all the stages of employee life cycle. Individual components of our eLearning solution can be accessed through the Main Page and the user is instantly guided from there on. With our LMS, it is absolutely no problem to make some individual changes for the employees (if, for example, they need to be enrolled to a course repeatedly or need more time to finish it). This is a pleasant alternative to the majority of other current LMS applications which usually follow a strict curriculum and do not allow these personal changes. To read more about our LMS, see the site Learning Management System.

Let your employees study anywhere!

Another interesting aspect of e-Learning solutions is the flexibility they provide: the online sessions can be accessed repeatedly anytime and anywhere by the employees, and can be updated according to the employee's needs. They can use their computer, tablet or mobile phone, as Training-Online.eu is accessible on any device!

Need to deliver materials to the users in another language? No problem!

As it is also possible to translate the eLearning courses to different languages, training foreign employees is no longer an organizational problem. In Training-Online.eu, each user may set one of the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Polish, Czech, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.

Gain a competitive advantage in your business

To be able to respond effectively to the requirements of today's customers, it is often crucial to quickly inform the employees about the latest trends, new products and policies. Only a well-informed employee can convince the customer to choose their company's product or service over the competitors. E-Learning has proved to be a very organized way of training the employees to quickly understand new concepts and situations, and thus to effectively communicate with the customers, suppliers and other business partners.

Positive impacts of our e-Learning solutions:

  • Reducing operating costs of education while at the same time increasing its efficiency. Using SaaS (Software as a Service) helps you manage the costs.
  • Increasing the computer literacy of all users
  • Increasing the employers' interest in training their employees
  • Informing the employees quickly and in an organized way about new products and trends
  • The ability to provide continuous education

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