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Free e-Learning marketplace and e-shop features

As people are getting used to online shopping nowadays, the field of e-commerce is getting stronger. That is why Training-Online.eu offers you the unique possibility to expose your courses in your own free e-shop - eLearning marketplace. We hope that in this way, your courses will become more visible and you'll be able to capture the attention of new customers, which will mean the opportunity of an additional income for you.

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Fully integrated eLearning marketplace

Training-Online.eu's eLearning e-shop solution provides a new e-shop function fully integrated to the LMS platform to expose and offer your online courses publicly. This e-shop function can be switched on by one click in the platform settings. You only need to select the courses you want to display. Personalizing your e-shop by using your company's logo and colors, so that the visitors would recognize the e-shop as yours, is a question of only a minute. As you will be displaying the courses you have already created, opening the e-shop will basically mean no extra effort for you.

See the list of Training-Online.eu's e-commerce solutions' features and benefits:

  • Each eLearning platform has its own integrated e-shop function.
  • It's completely FREE and requires no extra effort.
  • You can start your e-shop by one click. Just switch it on, select the courses you want to display and it's ready.
  • It is a free possibility to gain an extra income.
  • User navigation is easy, using the selection and ordering principles.
  • The address of your e-shop will be integrated into your website address (e.g. mycompany.mydomain.com/eshop).
  • Full personalization of the e-shop is possible, using your company's logo and colors, so that the visitors would recognize it as yours.
  • You are only exposing the courses you decide to display.
  • The responsive design allows the users to browse the e-Learning marketplace on mobile devices.
  • The number of your customers, whether the internal ones of the e-shop users, is not limited.
  • The e-shop has a positive side effect on your website visibility as the search engines will index your site better.
  • Multilanguage: the users may switch to any of the available system languages.
  • The courses can be paid via PayPal or Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard).
  • The invoices are processed automatically.
  • Automatic notifications: the users are automatically informed about their purchase and course enrollments.


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