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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions of LMS Training-Online.eu

What is Training-Online.eu?

Training-Online.eu is the best way for company or personal education through the e-Learning procedures which leads in increased employee efficiency and brings additional profitability.

Is Training-Online.eu for free?

You don’t need to make any investment or commitments related to whatever cost to establish your Training-Online.eu platform, your registration is for FREE. There is the transactional model applied related to the assignment of users to learning content, including FREE and paid enrollment plans or premium services you will subscribe. For cases of any payments the credit system is used, which is filled upon your free consideration.

Training-Online.eu provides a 30USD free credit to you for your testing.

Is Training-Online.eu Cloud?

Yes e-Learning Training-Online.eu is a web based cloud platform with the accessibility by users from anywhere where they got an internet access and browser. The model how is Training-Online.eu used is also called SaaS (Software as a Service).

When is Training-Online.eu available after the registration?

Once you register, the email with the admin registration details is sent to the email address you have provided in the registration form. Your Training-Online.eu eLearning platform is created at the same time. Therefore you may login immediately after the login email is received.

What if I didn't receive my login information?

Training Online is based on an automatic email notification system. The Registration email is sent immediately at the moment of registering. In case you didn’t find the Registration email in your mailbox, check also spam, mass and trash bin folders, in case you have setup some automatic filtering rules it may fall to those folders.

What are the rules for using Training-Online.eu?

Please read our Terms and conditions to find out everything you need to know about using Training-Online.eu

What is the Training-Online.eu Credit system?

Training-Online.eu Credit system is a kind of “wallet” you fill in with the money amount you consider. Afterwards wallet is used by users with appropriate rights to assign users to their content. The fee paid per user is known upfront and paid only once the assignment for activity is required, therefore the cost is fully predictable.

Is Training-Online.eu ensuring safe payments (PayPal, …)?

Yes, we are aware of internet payments security and therefore all payments are done using PayPal service either for payments coming in or out. Training-Online.eu offers 2 options to make the payment, first via PayPal service and Credit Card as well. Therefore even in case you have no PayPal account you are still able make the payment fast and easy.

Does Training-Online.eu have some user help or tutorials?

Yes, we have paid a lot of attention to make the system as easy for using as possible. e-Learning platform Training-Online.eu is equipped with the bubble help on each important function buttons or areas. The help shows short description and enables also the link to system forum or tutorials where referring directly to the topic that you interested in. On the other side You as Training-Online.eu user are allowed to add your findings and tips to forum and other users will see your entry and may get the answers this way.

How Training-Online.eu supports the email notification?

To let users and admins know about the enrollments, due dates and other important information, has Training-Online.eu developed a fully configurable email notification system. You may select system actions and decide the timing of the alert trigger or select receiver of the notification.

Does Training-Online.eu have some user rights levels?

Each organization has a different structure and learning management needs. Therefore Training-Online.eu has developed a fully configurable Roles system, where you may set as many system roles as you wish. This will allow you perfectly fit the roles and responsibilities to your organization.

Do you have any other questions?

Find other answers in our Forum or Contact us

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