How does e-Learning platform works

How does eLearning work?

LMS is a web application where easy to register, you just enter your basic data and create your own educational portal.

Name of Your eLearning system

When registering you are asked to enter the name of Your Learning Management System and this name becomes the permanent name of Your portal which you will access. If you, for instance, choose "MyCompany" as a name of your portal, then your e-Learning portal will be "" or "MyCompany.MyDomain.tld" and your users will always access it through this unique address. Then the LMS system looks like owned by you.

System activation

The eLearning system is activated from the moment of registration and you can start your work, it provides an option to create or import user, paste study materials or create tests, questionnaires, make notification events.

Cloud based LMS

The e-Learning system is provided as a cloud Internet platform SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), which does not need input investment and maintenance-related costs and enables execution of your own electronic education.

No fixed fees offers to use free or paid enrollment plans and the fee is dependent on the type of Course  content (pdf, test, questionnaire, etc. see the pricing) and is charged at the moment when the user is enrolled to the eLearning content (course). Which means that you are not forced to buy the school building and pay for its operation but pay only for classes your students attend. If not for free, you only pay for the e-Learning courses that users have been enrolled to, which is economically highly beneficial.

FREE Credit 30 USD

When you create an application, we give you credit of 30USD which you can use to test functionality of the LMS application and make sure that the way matches your expectations. The eLearning Management System works on the basis of buying credit into your wallet and subtraction of the amount for every new user content .

Always active LMS

All components of the Learning Management System are fully active during its service, which means that since your registration there is no time limit which would limit you in terms of the use of the LMS. So the system is operating and the administration or eLearning can continue even when the credit in your wallet is 0. The only limitation of such situation is that you cannot assign e-Learning content to new users or activate some of our premium services.

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