Increase competitive edge with e-Learning platform

Increase your competitive edge when making offers

In case you are an Educational Company, your training projects will be much more interesting for your customers when you offer them an e-Learning solution together with your personal education and mentoring. This tool may be fully designed to the specific needs of your customer and include the company name or logo. Has a predictable cost for your educational programme and once you handover the e-Learning tool to the customer it is  fully under the control of the customer, who may decide to use it further in which case the cots be absorbed by himself.

Increase effectiveness with e-Learning

Using Learning Management System as a part of your projects makes your programs and projects more effective as you may require the completion of an on-line course before real education, training or projects start. And in the future it brings firm relationship with your customer as the e-Learning tool originally comes from “you“. Therefore you are no1 supplier who may offer additional content or courses as the compatibility is proved already.

GET MORE BUSINESS with eLearning Training!

The customer may ask you for additional administration materials which may generate additional profit for you. Another source of additional profit may be generated via the Partner business model.

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