eLearning Marketplace solution

Increase your profit by exposing your courses in our free e-Learning marketplace!

Catch up with the trends of the 21st century and use the Internet to easily promote your courses and make them more visible for the customers. 

As people are getting used to online shopping nowadays, the field of e-commerce is getting stronger. That is why Training-Online.eu offers you the unique possibility to expose your courses in your own free e-shop - eLearning marketplace. We hope that in this way, your courses will become more visible and you'll be able to capture the attention of new customers, which will mean the opportunity of an additional income for you.

Let people see the courses you have already created

Starting an e-Learning e-shop at Training-Online.eu will not mean any extra effort for you. All the study materials you have prepared so far, all your lessons and courses, may be put on the shelf of your eLearning marketplace. Obviously, it's up to you which of your courses you want to expose publicly. Just remember: the higher the number of the courses you promote, the bigger the chances to gain new customers. 

How does it work?

The “passer-byes” will be able to go through your e-shop, select their courses, pay and study, becoming thus users of your platform. You can also personalize your e-shop using your logo, colors and other details, so that the visitors would recognize the e-shop as yours and were more likely to purchase a course. 

The e-shop function is fully integrated in your LMS platform

Therefore you don't need to spend your time with integrating the e-shop to your platform: it's done in one click. All you need to do is to switch the e-shop function on in your e-learning platform settings. By clicking on My Study page, the users can then see the courses they ordered through the e-shop directly in the e-learning system

It's completely free, so why not give it a try?

It doesn't matter if your company uses the LMS platform for its own education or works as an educational agency, it doesn't matter if it is a big or a small company. We are offering you a way to make more profit from something you already have. And since you don't pay any additional fee for using the eLearning e-shop, why not give it a try?

Switch the e-shop function on today! Read more information about e-Learning marketplace features here or just register


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