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Do you need to make a survey within your employees, suppliers or customers? You may use the Survey functionality of e-Learning platform In the internal Survey creator you built up your survey question set and all the answers will be recorded.

Surveys gives you a perfect feedback on your activity and helps to improve your business performance, environment, conditions or internal voting.

What is a survey?

An online survey is a term used for a kind of a questionnaire which can be completed by a target audience over the Internet. It is usually created as a web form with a database where the answers are stored and statistical software which provides follow-up analytics. As a motivation to complete such survey, Internet user are often promised participation in winning a prize.

Technopedia explanation of Online Surveys

The online surveys can help companies better understand the customer taste and opinions. Online surveys, as well as traditional ones, can be used in two ways - to get social data (clubs, causes or activities which are supported by the customer) and basic demographical information (education level, age, etc.). Another reason of creating a survey can be relation to a particular product, brand or service with the goal to find out what the customers´reaction is. The online survey offers the possibility to reach a broad audience at low costs.



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