Mobile e-Learning Application

e-Learning App for smart devices is now available as the ANDROID mobile app or Web App Like for other operating systems.

We are using the HTML5 web technology and the web application itself looks same as the phone application.

The platform engine and all evaluation criteria are located in our cloud farm, therefore it’s necessary to study the content online. This is the reason we have chosen the web browser technology. Don't worry, it will not mean any noticeable difference for you and we're sure you'll soon grow to like the new material design FLAT SKIN.

ANDROID mobile app

We have designed the app for Android mobile devices, you may open and use in one click, still logged in. Your app may be downloaded from the GooglePlay store >here<.

What does it mean APP like?

APP like (same like Application), means that the user may create his own shortcut ICON on his mobile phone or tablet screen and access the eLearning platform directly. The APP Icon then opens the platform directly, same way as any other APP Icon. This way e-Learning app is fully compatible with IOS, Android or Windows operating system but there is no need to install as the app uses internet browser to access the LMS platform engine. 

6 skins available for your eLearning system personalization:

Currently, total 6 GUI (Graphic User Interface) versions are available in the SKIN module to be chosen to white label your e-Learning platform. 2 themes are available (3 for ICON GUI SKIN and 3 for FLAT GUI SKIN).

  • GUI Fully Responsive Standard – this free skin is the standard predefined user interface, keeps our standard color and logo branding, and allows no changes.
  • GUI Fully Responsive Logo – offers to place your own logo into the header banner. Our standard color scheme remains.
  • GUI Fully Responsive Logo & Color – allows full flexibility to adapt to your logo and color scheme.














Take the advantage of Mobile eLearning

One of the key advantages of responsive e-Learning applications is the mobility and this trend is called Mobile e-Learning or mLearning. Imagine how faster and easier will the training be for all the mobile devices users: teams, employees, home users and many more. This new skin increases your chances to make the e-Learning platform even more attractive for more users.

Download from the GooglePlay store >here< or see how to create App Icon >here<.

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