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Modules of e-Learning LMS is build by modules where each module brings its exceptional functionality. Usually a common user uses just the Homepage learning module and all the others are used by team leaders and admins.

Thanks to the modular architecture brings exceptional rights configuration where multiple system roles may be created exactly for your purpose. 

Free e-Learning - Homepage learning moduleMY STUDY PAGE module

Is the homepage of the system that appears to all users (admins included) once they login into the e-Learning platform User is navigated by Calendar and Overview of contents assigned to him and its due dates. To access the content is therefore direct and visible on a first sight.

Free e-Learning - User moduleUSERS module

All system users are managed through this module. You may create, edit and delete entries. Additionally to perform multiple operations to import or export users from and to csv file, enables you manage the users as easy as possible. User module also provides core operational system functions such as enroll to courses, grouping and ungrouping.

Free e-Learning - Settings moduleSETTINGS module

Basic system parameters are configurable in settings module. e-Learning Management System offers high level of system configurability and frontend personalization. You may configure the system exactly for your purposes of using and make the system more favorite and trusted by users with the frontend customization to your company „dress code“.

Free e-Learning - Group moduleGROUPS module

Module enables to set the groups that represent teams or classes. Usually those groups have assigned the team leader or teacher with rights to manage all operations and have the access to results to see the detailed statistics. Team leader can see group assigned users in all groups he is assigned to. Also more team leaders may be assigned to one or more groups, which gives the opportunity where each teacher is responsible for specific subject.
Grouping provides unexpected management simplicity.

Free e-Learning - Roles moduleROLES module

eLearning has a fully configurable rights system; the system admin may create new roles with rights that enable to distribute the user management force to their real team leaders and managers or specific department (Training or HR). This configurable roles system significantly contributes to the high level of monitoring and easy management, as team leaders has then the responsibility to perform all required actions within the education cycle.
All the information stored in YOUR LMS is then visible, accessible or editable based on selected module rights.

Free e-Learning - Courses moduleCOURSES module

All courses contents, its lessons, content orders, dependencies and scores are created and managed here. You may also see all current and future course enrollments. You may also decide to make a course visible to all other system entitled users to reuse it, which means they don’t need to create their own and saves their time.

Free e-Learning - Lessons moduleLESSONS module

Is the module to store and set basic lesson fulfillment parameters such as score, attempts, time, ... Upload of Internal test editor, SkillGaps and Internal Announcements, PDF, VIDEO and SCORM files is supported. You may also decide to make a lesson visible to all other system entitled users to reuse it, which means they don’t need to create their own and saves their time.

Free e-Learning - Notifications moduleNOTIFICATIONS module

Increase the rate of completion and importance of the content you have enrolled to users by informing them via email alerts. Notification sending is based on system activity trigger action, such as enrollments, due dates, completions, user creation, ... Message body is fully dependent on your creativity and offers to use system „values“ to make the email as much personalized and topic related as possible. You also decide who is alerted, if activity subjects, initiators or admin.
Notification system significantly saves the time of team leaders to monitor users activity.

Free e-Learning - Reporting moduleREPORTING module

Monitoring of user activity is done via reporting module where all the content data are shown and listed to lines, where each line represents the lesson entry. This detailed view enables you to see all the lesson parameters details and decide where to pay attention in future user development. You may filter the data by using full text filters and get results within few seconds. Same time you may use the csv file export and make your own analytics in MS Excel or other compatible, which gives you outstanding chance perfectly aim your goal and improve results very fast.

Free e-Learning - Wallet moduleWALLET module

Wallet is used to fill the Credit with money to enable perform fee applied operations within the LMS system. But is also used to see all system transactions and based on this allocate exact costs to departments or users. You may use the csv file export and make your own analytics in MS Excel or other compatible. You get perfect cost overview and accounting data within seconds.

Free e-Learning - Skin moduleSKINS module

Users get a first experience at the moment they enter your eLearning platform and this first sight determine their trust and enthusiasm to study and complete training materials. You may align your system Graphic User Interface to your website or company colors and logos.


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