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Partner business case

Peter (Company IT Specialist)

We have decided to choose LMS Training-Online.eu because it can be created for free and we had a chance to try its functionality (30USD provided after installing for the trial) and we made a sample of users to try the practical use of the system. We were attracted by the intermediary model at the time of registration and we were pleasantly surprised that we can get a discount. I registered our PayPal account and now we can get some money back to our budget.

Boris (Project Manager of an Educational Agency)

When we found Training-Online.eu we anticipated we could use this e-Learning tool as a tool we could implement into our educational projects. In the past we used to be limited by a greater number of companies, number of users and administrative activities of our LMS related to these. Unlike this fact, e-Learning platform Training-Online.eu offers exact predictability of costs which need to be taken into account speaking about the budget of educational project for our clients. We also found a great opportunity in the chance to pass the portal on the client and by doing so enable them to take control over the educational process which means no need to administrate it. We found a tool which is called multitenant system. We registered in the intermediary model and the funds relating to provision are used in order to improve our customer-related services.


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