Partner Intermediary business model in e-Learning platform

Partner business model offers the chance to use the intermediary remuneration which can be used as a source of incomes for your proactivity when creating and supporting the use of portal or in the form of a discount.


  • Are you an external administrator of an IT company?
  • Do you provide external trainings to your customer?
  • Are you an e-learning content provider or developer? 
  • Do you have the chance to offer our product to a customer?

Use our intermediary account

When making a registration in our eLearning system, you can create an intermediary account and financial rewards will be transferred to that account for the use of the system. It is charged on the account in relation with amounts paid within the portal of subdomain unless they are active. The provision is 10 %.

Independent login and access

Intermediary account of the e-Learning system is administrated out of the particular domain and it can create infinite number of portals without being registered in these portals as an user or admin. The access is being completely separately from e-Learning systems you have created. The period of charging your provision is not limited in time which means that its dependent only on the time of use of portal/s. We suppose that you are being paid the provision for your efforts leading to use of the portal by the enduser. After you login, you can see the balance of your account and you can ask for a pay-off.

Your competitive advantage

This is an ideal model for educational agencies or external IT companies and those who cooperate with their clients on a long-term basis and who can use e-Learning platform as a part of services provided as a competitive advantage. When you offer your activities, you also offer a tool which can be used according to your needs. Your competitive advantage is even greater because you are the ones who implement this educational tool and who know it well. These facts create new business opportunities which can be followed ba a range of furter services.

Get a discount

The companies which decide to create an educational portal themselves and use the intermediary model, can then get a discount off services provided.

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