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Partner Intermediary Agreement

1. Subject of Contract

1.1 The subject of this contract is the liability of the Intermediary to take appropriate steps necessary to conclude unspecified number of contracts for supplying services that are subject of service provision performed by Training-Online.eu.
1.2 Training-Online.eu is obliged to pay a commission to the Intermediary for the acts mentioned in 1.1 above in compliance with Part 4. of this Agreement.

2. Definition

Whenever this Agreement uses the following expressions: "You", "Your", it is intended to mean You - the Intermediary; "User" - the user of the webistes, products and/or services of Training-Online.eu and this is how these expressions (and expressions related) shall be interpreted. Also the expressions "We", "Our" and "Training-Online.eu" refer to company TRAINING ONLINE s.r.o. and shall be interpreted in appropriate way.

3. Intermediary´s Commitment

The intermediaty states that he/she is not active in intermediary services in terms of concluding businesses identical to the products of the deputy, meets regulatory requirements applying to arising from entrepreneurial activities desribed in this Agreement. He/she is neither aware of any other obstacles that could possibly forestall his/her activities described in this Agreement.

4. Rights and Responsibilities of the parties

4.1 Training-online.eu will provide such information and materials needed by  the intermediary necessary for contract mediation, shall especially inform about any changes made to prices of traded commodities, business conditions or payment dates, which shall be done through Terms and Conditions and the websites.
4.2 The intermediary shall always act in the best interests of Training-Online.eu in terms of concluding contracts and shall immediately inform the interested party about any circumstances important for determining to conclude a contract.
4.3 The intermediary will take all necessary steps to fulfill the subject of this agreement and perform professional work, heed the interests of Training-Online.eu and act in compliance with its certification and commands, which can be departed from only in case it is inevitable in the interest of the interested party and unless the agreement with him/her cannot be reached in time. Within the validity of this agreement hte intermediatory shall act in order not to cause any harm to reputation of Training-Online.eu.
4.4 The intermediary is entitled to use other persons or subjects to make necessary arrangements. In such cases the intermediary is fully responsible for their acts as if they were his/her own acts. The intermediary is not allowed to conclude any binding contracts, agreements or perform any legal steps in the name of Training-Online.eu unless he/she is endowed with power of attorney.

5. Remuneration and covering costs

5.1 The intermediary is entitled to be paid remuneration for the activities defined in 1.1 of this agreement in case of concluding a single contract between Training-Online.eu and the User under the condition of at least partial execution of mediated obligation.
5.2 The intermediary´s comission for the activities performed in 1.1 of this agreement is 10% of the value of the services used by the user of Training-Online.eu. This means that any service order made by the user leading to credit  drawing (from the fee paid to the application Wallet on Training-Online.eu) is considered to be the contract and the intermediary is entitled to get a remuneration.
5.3 The interested party shall pay a remuneration to the intermediary of appropriate amount to his/her account within a 20 day period after receiving the payment order. The payment order can be issued by the intermediary only through the application accessible upon registration.
5.4 The intermediary accepts that the remuneration payment will be done through his/her PayPal account and also accepts that (i) a minimal amount can be set for the remuneration withdrawal and that he/she is not entitled to be paid remuneration lower that the amount prescribed and (ii) all costs related to such payments will be debited from his/her account.

6. Access to Account and the Use of Services

6.1 The access to the Intermediatory´s account will be created at the moment of the registration of the first Training-Online.eu application. An e-mail containing registration details will be sent to the e-mail address You will enter.
6.2 User name of your intermediary account is the name of your PayPal account which will be used for remuneration payment for the services intermediated.
6.3 The access to intermediary account can be found on www.Training-Online.eu in the section Partner Login.

7. Agreement Duration and Termination of Agreement-related Obligations

This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.

8. Final notifications

8.1 BY USING TRAINING-ONLINE.EU WEBISTES (INCLUDING THEIR CONTENT) AND/OR PRODUCTS OF SERVICES OF TRAINING-ONLINE.EU, YOU AGREE WITH GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND THE INTERMEDIARY AGREEMENT AS WELL AS WITH ANY POSSIBLE AMENDMENTS, REVISIONS AND CHANGES OF THESE CONDITIONS. IN CASE YOU DISAGREE OR YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE BOUND BY THESE, DO NOT USE THE WEBSITES, PRODUCTS OT SERVICES OF TRAINIG-ONLINE.EU. The company Training-Online.cz reserves the right to review or modify the conditions upon their own decision, in order to reflect legal, technical or other changes in status quo. The latest updated version of this agreement can be viewed on the website "www.Training-Online.eu", the company has no obligation to inform users about such update on Terms and Conditions and Agreements. Therefore our users are strongly recommended to read this agreement thoroughly and monitor it continuously. These documents become valid on the date of their latest update.
8.2 Commitments prescribed by this agreement and arising from it, lie within the Czech legislative system. Any disputes and/or claims shall be settled by competent Czech courts.
8.3 This agreement is valid and effective at the moment of its acceptance by the Intermediary.
8.4 The contracting parties declare that this agreement expresses their serious and free will, it was nozt concluded under pressure or remarkably inconvenient conditions.
8.5 All other conditions and notifications are defined in general Terms and Conditions.

Last modified Oct. 10th, 2015.


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