SCORM in e-Learning platform

Adding SCORM courses

Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a reference model for e-Learning. It is a set of specifications and standards which have the main task - to run the eLearning content made in compliance with SCORM in any LMS that has to match the rules of SCORM. As the name implies, it is a model of shareable content objects (SCO - Sherable Content object) which enables to repetively use educational materials on all SCORM customized products and platforms.

Other e-Learning content

It is possible that you can create your own content using the tool of the third party such as for example Adobe Captivate, iSpring Solutions, Lectora Publisher, etc. These eLearning tools enable you the use of previously created documents, for example your presentation in PPT, add a testing part and a simple conversion to SCORM, and by doing so paste it into Your e-Learning platform


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