Target audience in e-Learning platform

Target Audience of LMS

The Learning Management System is intended for:

  • Middle-sized companies (20-1000 employees) which have distributed sales force, more subsidiaries or the retail chain, or which hire high volume of temporary working force. The companies which have not invested in such LMS systems so far, especially because of economical reasons, will now face the question how to ensure further competitiveness in the areas of management skills, company procedures and processes, course of actions and motivation. There is also the aspect of costs relating to process, from headhunting, entry training, motivation and further career-related development of the employees, which is always connected with high investments.
  • Educational agencies that offer the forms of testing before or after their training programmes as a part of their activities. These agencies very often use Learning Management Systems which have costs of the acccess, or are limited by time, which brings even more additional costs. These companies need both common use of LMS for the test execution as well as they need modules such as Skills Gap Analysis or Questionnaires. Fully licensed e-Learning solutions for the number of users are, considering input costs or rental costs, not effective. LMS overcomes these issues and gives the chance to operate one´s own eLearning system with no need to pay input costs. If the user is already active in the field of education, where is already being used, the agency can exactly project costs of the use and can further keep records of user history. Moreover the agency can create such Learning Management System for the client as a part of the educational project and by doing so show great competitive advantage and therefore hereafter benefit from the partner mode of cooperation.
  • Educational agencies or coaches who need to operate more independent systems either because of customer data privacy or webpage design alignment. Creating of system is just a matter of one minute, its simple as you fill few details and you may create as many systems as you need for you projects for free and with no commitments.
  • Educational agencies which prepare their own courses and they want to offer them through E-shop which is integrated into the eLearning
  • Schools and public sector who are looking for easy adoption educational e-Learning software. As users (students) should primarily focus on the content the easy of use and intuitiveness is the essential key to get excellent knowledge results.
  • Small to medium size training centers, language schools, handcraft centers, ski academies, companies providing external trainings.
  • Companies worldwide thanks to language mutations

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