Skill Gap analysis -

Test the gaps of real and required knowledge

With the help of the e-Learning platform, you'll be able to spot the problematic areas in your courses and help your employees to reach the desired level of now provides Skill Gap Analysis, an integrated e-Learning tool thanks to which you can see the analysed data about your employees' skill gaps in a well arranged and detailed table.

What is a Skill Gap?

A “skill gap” is defined as the difference between the actual performance of the employees and their potential or desired performance. The Skill Gap Analysis identifies the topics and areas that seem to cause trouble to your employees. Knowing exactly where their weak spots are, you can organize some very effective courses for your employees to eliminate those skill gaps and motivate them to study and to fulfil their potential.

Why is Skill Gap useful?

In some cases, you might not even realize that your employees lack some important skill or knowledge; the Skill Gap Analysis helps you to detect such problems and solve them before it's too late. You can also use the analysis to compare your opinion about your employees' level of knowledge with the opinion they have about their own skills.

The elegant user interface allows you to personalise the page by uploading your company's logo, colour scheme or URL to it. This way, the users recognize the system as yours, perceive it as trustworthy and quickly get used to it. Thanks to our user-friendly interface, you can create your skill gaps tests quickly and easily in the Skill gap lesson editor.

Don't forget that e-Learning solution is accessible on all mobile devices, so you can work with your Skill Gap Analysis truly anywhere and anytime.

It's just another effective way to get better results!

Start and finish the course with Skill Gap Analysis

Usually, skill gaps tests are first run before the actual start of the course. The content of the lessons and the focus of the course are then adjusted according to the results of the analysis. At the end of the course, the same test is given to the employees again. In this way, you can observe the progress of your employees and see if they have really acquired the desired skills.



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